Kawartha Pest Control will continue to provide our services during this pandemic.

Your protection is our top priority - As a result our technicians will perform services wearing face masks and protective gloves.

As a further preventative measure all surfaces contacted by our technicians (door knobs etc.) will be disinfected with a germicidal spray before they leave your home.

We're all in this together – Lets stay safe.

Overwintering pest, similar to the diverse Asian woman creepy crawly (Harmonia axyridis) presented above, can be risky from pre-winter through spring. In the fall, customers respond when hundreds, or even a great many bugs focalize on the south-bound dividers of their homes or organizations trying to drench up the last warm beams of daylight. At the point when temperatures plunge, the pest wander inside to look for harborage through the icy winter months, remaining generally inert for the whole season.

As warm temperatures and longer days start in late February and early March, overwintering nuisances start to rise. They in some cases discover their way into structures — bringing on alert for the general population who live and work inside.

Overwintering pest populaces’ re-development isn’t generally synchronous. Accordingly, customers may call over and over to report a couple of dozy creepy crawlies looking for an exit around windows or flying toward lights. To maintain a strategic distance from exorbitant and superfluous callbacks this season, set aside the opportunity to teach your customers ahead of time that two or three creepy crawlies don’t require an unscheduled administration visit. Tell customers — particularly those that have a repeating overwintering bug issue, or one that was especially tricky in the fall — that the creepy crawlies they are finding in the spring are not fresh debuts. Or maybe, these creepy crawlies got away control in the fall and effectively dug in inside the dividers for a long winter’s rest.

Likewise remind clients that overwintering nuisances found inside the structure don’t chomp or cause harm. They can without much of a stretch be shooed outside or vacuumed for simple expulsion. By speaking with your clients and setting their desires early, they will be less inclined to ask for a unique administration in the spring.

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